Coral Mod

Modulation Effects


  • ● Digital circuit design
  • ● 16 carefully selected, high quality modulation algorithms in 1 stompbox
  • ● True Bypass footswitch for crystal-clear signal thru
  • ● Aluminum-alloy die cast casing to withstand wear and tear
  • ● Heavy duty metal footswitch and on/off status LED
  • ● Easy-to-read, readily accessible knobs
  • ● Modulation settings for every music style
  • ● Pristine tone with low noise level
  • ● MIX, DEPTH and RATE knobs for detailed effect control


16 Modes 

T-Chorus: Produces a warm, lush chorus sound modulated by Triangle wave.

Detune: Mixes dry signal with a slightly pitch shifting sound to produce a chorus-like effect.

Flange: Produces a standard flanger tone.

Jet: Produces a massive flanger tone with plenty of feedback.

T-Jet: Combines Tremolo and Jet flanger effects.

B-Trem: Produces warm, roundly Bias tremolo sound.

O-Trem: Produces classic optical tremolo sound with a huge range of speed and depth.

Phase: Adds a phasing variation to the sound.

R-Phase: Produces random step-phaser effects.

Vibe: Produces natural, warm vibrato sound.

U-Vibe: Simulates the classic Uni-Vibe* effect.

T-Wah: Produces wah effects depending on picking dynamics.

A-Wah: Produces an automatically varying wah effect.

Ring: Produces a metallic ringing sound.

Echo: Produces a natural echo effect with clarity. 


Product Description:
RATE: Controls the speed (Depending on effects)
MODE: For selecting modulation types
MIX: Controls the mix level between dry/wet signal (Depending on effects)
DEPTH: Controls the depth (Depending on effects)

MODE: For selecting modulation types


Power:9V DC center negative
Current Consumption:135mA
Dimensions:93mm (D) × 50mm (W) × 46.5mm (H)

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