Sébastien Garsia


Sebastien was born on March 20, 1980 in Grenoble (France) At the age of 14, he starts learning guitar as a self-taught. Quickly he composes his first tracks and form his first metal band.

In 2005 he integrates a funk band “West Claix Bridge” who changes his vision of music. For 5 years he performs a lot of concerts and released an EP in 2008. In parallel he forms "somdravz" a band of power metal prog with which he also performs a lot of concerts and also released a EP in 2008. In 2010 he integrates "anasazi" a metal band prog with which he recorded 2 albums and 2 ep.

In 2011 (in parrallel) he form “Croak” (Stoner Metal) and released a EP in 2013. The same year He leaves his work to dedicate itself to music and he integrates “l’APEJS” a great school of music, he obtains his diploma with honors. In 2012 he became guitar teatcher respected in its region. In 2014 he begins to get noticed and realizes some demos for brands as well as masterclass with Stefan Forte.

The same year he integrates “JAG” a professional band and make 60 concerts per year. In 2016 he became a demonstrator for "Guitare Xtreme" and realizes some guitar lessons for the magazine. In 2017 he forms "French Palace" (electro rock funk) and realize several clips and soon a tour on Mayotte, a paradisiac island. Lot a concerts are coming. He is actually preparing a solo album which will release to spring 2019. Stay tuned ! 

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Valeton "TAR-20B" Demo