Mario Stankovich




Mario Stankovich (born July 7th, 1988, Skopje, Macedonia)



Mario Stankovich is a bass player from Macedonia. He started playing guitar in his childhood influenced by his father. Growing up, musically he was influenced by bands like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2 and all the rock greats, but most of all by The Foo Fighters. In high school he joined his first band and started playing bass. Played some rock festivals, won third place on one of them (Rock Fest 25). That's where and when his musical journey really began. 


After that, he became part of a band called Charlie Hitt and recorded his first EP. Spent some time as part of an acoustic project called Smooth Joy. With them he recorded some demos and did some covers of well-known songs.



In 2008 he started playing with one of the best-known pop/rock duos (twin brothers) in his country called Next Time. In 2009 they were part of the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow, Russia, representing Macedonia. Performing with the band Next Time counts as his professional beginning and he is still performing with them to this day.  


In 2012 he was once again part of the Macedonian delegation on the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan. This time with the great female vocal Kaliopi.




Later on, in 2013, Mario joined the band and became a live and studio performer for one of the best female rock singers in Macedonia, Dani Dimitrovska. In 2016 he was part of the creation process and recording of her latest record Grad za ljubov (City for love).  


With the two bands, he’s played shows ranging from big clubs and hall concerts to some of the biggest music festivals all over the country and abroad. 




The Dapper Bass is a tool that can help any bass player give a little spice to his/her sound. It is a unit that has most of the things that one might need.” 

--- Mario Stankovich