Marchristian Gregg Ligutan


Marchristian Gregg Ligutan was born in Quezon City Philippines in the year 1990 

He became interested and learned playing the guitar at the age of 13

He originally started playing acoustic guitar which he recieved as a gift from his brother


In the year 2007, he had his first exposure on public with the help of his brother letting him

play as a rhythm guitarist for his brother's band using an electric guitar for the first time.

After doing several gigs with his brother's band, he decided to form his first band called "EHEMPLO".

At first, it was just a hobby but after his bandmate (the lead guitarist) introduce the music

of some of the finest guitar heroes like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Eric Johnson and many more, he became interested playing the role of lead guitar.

His bandmate guided him as he grow and learn more in terms of playing the lead guitar which was different from were he started as an acoustic guitar player.


In the year 2012, he finally got the chance to be the lead guitarist of the band called "THE SLICE"

formed by his brother who's also the band manager.

They've released an independent album in 2013 entitled "THE SLICE OF GRACE"

and also had the chance to be chosen as the composer of an OST

for an indie film in the Philippines called "MANGKUKULOB" and "TIME IN A BOTTLE".

He also released an instrumental single called "D.I.T" in february and "ENEMY INSIDE" in may 2017

for his solo project  and still continues to write more for his band and for his solo project.


His recent achievements are, being picked as the winner of the "VON DUTCH SHRED FEST 2017"

in the Philippines and got the chance to be sponsored by "SQOE Guitars Philippines".


"VALETON tube engine, comprince, mini dapper and gp1 

that's it!..with it's compact design and massive sound,

no more worries wherever the gig is"