Luo Jian


Luo Jian, the vocalist and guitarist of the band Horror of Pestilence, was born in Guangdong province on March 11, 1984. He began to play electric guitar from 16 years old, influenced by several metal music genres, focused on techniques of strength and speed. He founded the band Horror of Pestilence in 2007 and they attended several serial shows like the “Bu lai zen jiao” in the Bunker bar and 191 space later. In December, they attended the “ Asian beat band competition China mainland final”at Renmin University. 

February 17th, 2008,they took part in a show in 191 space with a Hongkong band called Chock Ma. At the same time they decided to change their music style to death and black metal, then they renamed to be “DissecteD”. They participated several metal shows in Guangzhou that year by using the name DissecteD. Later they suspended all activities because another guitarist of them(John) went to France for his academic studying. 

Early in the 2011, Luo Jian, Anson(drummer) and the Qing(vocalist) decided to reform Horror of Pestilence. They found the guitarist Chen Yifeng, and bass guitar player Shi Guanqian. These five people became a mature squad. They changed their music style to melodic deathcore and began to record their first EP “Stillborn Saviour”.

After 2012, the former bass guitar player Shi Guanqian quit the band. New bass guitar player Hou Yang joined them. The EP “Stillborn Saviour” was changed to an full-length album included 13 songs. Same year, July, the vocalist Qing and drummer Anson quit the band, Luo Jian became the new vocalist and a new drummer Yang Yufeng join Horror of Pestilence. After one year, guitarist Li Jiahang, who was a member of the band Bloody Butterfly joined them. Now they’d recorded two albums, “Stillborn Saviour”and “Intruder”, one EP, “The last Judgment”. Now they had been participated in several shows like “The Faceless live in Hong Kong”, “Nothing to declare tour in Guangzhou ” sponsored by Nowed Music Records, “Unearth live in Guangzhou”, “Guangzhou unbounded concert ‘Qiqi Weicheng’”, “Go to Hell”Gz&Hk metal festival, 2012. Now they are one of the most popular metal band in Guangzhou. 

Luo Jian’s gears

Fractal Audio AXE FX XL+.

Musicman John Petrucci model BFR 7string KOAtop. 

Dean KS-7V USA(CS)

Dean RC7 USA

Ernie Ball M-Steel 7Strings