Salvatore Pecoraro


Salvatore’s artistic journey started in the very early age, following the passion of his grandfather (musician at the band of the country).

He started studying the trumpet and piano but then decided to devote everything to the guitar.

Salvatore started his guitar course with private tutors and then undertake a pathdedicated to the Jazz / Blues and Hard Rock studio at the Lizard Academy based in Palermo.

His artistic journey has been almost accompanied by his band set up since 2010 with his brother. At first everything is focused on editions but afterwards the passion in creating overwhelming and became unpublished to accompany him on the journey.

Salvatore’s pieces deal with social issues but also with identity and universal rolesa strong sensitivity to delicate topics such as the mafia, abandonment, distance and memories, fundamental themes for a boy of this age but common to the often underrated generation.

 It is his greatest passion to tell an intense day, made of characters, events and crucialmoments.

 Salvatore hareceived several awards during his journey:

-Participated and playedatMusik Messe 2017 in Frankfurt

-Guitar Show of Padua for B & G guitars

-The best guitaristamongvariouscompetitions and festivals

14th Festival of Lennon

-Premio as best text and interpreter in variousSicilianFestivals

-Final Tour Musica Fest in Rome

-Play recording by Pico Cibelli, Marcello Balestra, Stefano Senardi

-The Golden Swords 

–Area Sanremo  2014

participation entering the 40 finalists and later in the Sanremo Area Compilation Afterwards, Sanremo's experience began collaborating with Umberto Iervolino on a project .


He continues to simplify his studies on the instrument by expanding the blues study with the bottleneck (slide) and the lapsteel guitar.