Sascha Liebert



Gråven was born as Sascha Liebert on August 26th of 1980 in Duisburg Germany. He started playing the guitar at the age of 20, gathering first stage experience with his postapocalyptic-punk band END OF NINE.

After closing that chapter with the CD "Endzeit" in 2012, he founded the band Desperation, a melodic death metal band and recorded "shattered memories".

When Desperation eventually disbanded in 2015, he was asked to join Convictive, playing post black metal and travelling all of Germany to spread the music and sound of Convictive across stages, clubs and festivals.

He currently also performs as Gråven in the ritualistic black metal band Blodtåke, where the Valeton Dapper Dark is a vivid part of his stage and studio sound.



"I love the Valeton Dapper Dark, I have it with me at every gig. Before I had it, once my midi pedal switching my amp channels and sounds crashed, leaving me with nothing but one sound on stage and no way to fix the problem. Now that I have the Dapper Dark, when my amp or my switches crash, I can easily switch to playing the Dapper straight over the mixer console and still sound great. With Blodtåke, the Dapper Dark is always in my signal line and drives my sound to the next level. It comes with all the good things already build in: tuner, chorus, boost, distortion, tap delay, noise gate... What more could one professional musician ask for?

It´s the perfect all in one solution and it replaced my whole pedal board with just the size of a yard stick.

Valeton: You really rock!"