Alfonso Fernandez



Alfonso Fernandez was born in Madrid where he began his formal education into the bassoon at the age of seven. Over time his sense of curiosity led him to explore the world of music beyond just the classical.

As a result of this curiosity he began to soak up and integrate roots music, especially reggae and African music which led him to move to Barcelona. Here he had the opportunity to familiarise himself with the various different musical styles as well as completing a higher qualification in classical music (specialising in the bassoon) and achieving a degree in philosophy.

Since then he has increased his interest in musical eclecticism and at present is combining musical interpretation in both the classical and modern spheres.

He is a member of different projects such as Alma Afrobeat Ensemble (an international African music project); Orchestra Resonance (a foundation whose purpose it is to spread classical music to areas where at present there is none) and Planeta Lem (electro-tryp-reggae). He is at present preparing the production of his own album which explores new forms of sonoral expression using the bassoon.

In addition to being a musical performer he is also carrying out a wide range of other activities such as producer of cultural events he is a founding member of the Bcn Afrobeat sessions he is also technical director of Vass music, a company that is dedicated – amongst other activities – to the development and opening of the bassoon as a polyvalent instrument.

He has toured internationally with his various projects to countries such as China, Japan, Mongolia, USA, France, the UK and Cuba.

The Orchestra of San Antonio Texas (Texas, USA) has invited him to be the conductor for the premiere of 6 pianos “Nothingness” by the composer Nathan Felix.

“A metaphor for what I’m doing is to use my bassoon and music as a flying carpet as a means of transport to get to know new worlds and possibilities in order to continue growing and developing myself as a player and promoter of new possibilities of musical expression and exchange.”

“Valeton has allowed me to open the doors to a new world of bassoon sound textures. Using the Valeton “Looper” and “Modal Effect” devices the possibilities and uses of this instrument are significantly increased.” 

The search has only just begun.