Wynn Irwin



Irwin was born and raised in Singapore. His first electric was a gift from his late grandmother, and he began learning to play in his early teens. At that time Irwin was heavily influenced by 80s rock and metal.

Irwin holds the strong belief that music can overcome language barriers and bring people together. This belief drove him to pursue a career in music education. Irwin has taught music enrichment classes in public schools, done music work shops, and provided private lessons. He is currently an instructor in Swee Lee Academy Singapore.

Irwin takes great pride in helping students of all ages and walks of life enjoy the learning process while building a strong music foundation.


Yet Irwin is not just an academic; he has real street cred as an active stage performer. He played the Singapore Street Festival and countless local gig venues. Irwin currently plays in the hard rock band DENOVA, whose original song “Mencapai Impian”(achieving our dreams) has gotten airplay on Singapore’s Hit Radio Station Ria 89.7 FM. The band has also been featured in local news paper Berita Harian, as well as the hot online mag primp sg.

In addition to gigging with the DENOVO, Irwin is also focused on creating an instrumental guitar album. A true solo effort, Irwin plans to cover both the composition and multi-instrumentation.

“My relationship with Valeton has given me the freedom to express my feelings through music without worrying much about the other gear I use, especially with Dapper’s Cab Sim function. With the Valeton Dapper, I got everything I need, during my live performances, workshops, jam sessions, recording and also while I’m teaching.” 

“Less is more and Dapper is my best friend.”