Tracy Han


This is our young gun!


Born in 1996, Tracy Han started playing electric guitar when he was 7 years’ old. In 2014, he entered Shengyang Conservatory of Music -one of the top Music Institutions in China, to study electric guitar. Tracy started performing with bands and writing his own songs since middle school. He not only plays blues and rock, but also Funk, Fusion, Jazz and Latin.

The first band he played in 2006 was called New Life, then he played with 5 bands in the past 10 years and has been active on music festivals and shows include “HaXia Music Festival” and “Songhua River Music Festival”. Currently he plays in the band called “The Sunlight” as guitar, vocal and arranger. With his latest band, he recorded several songs such as The Burning Heart, Immortal, Modern Party, Farewell Escape and All the Time. He has recorded personal EP’s such as The August Venus.

The guitars he uses include Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster, PRS Custom 513 and Taylor 316ce. Among his cabs: Marshall JCM900&1960A and Orange Jim root Signature Terror. His favorite effects pedals are the four Valeton Coral pedals: Tube Engine, Darktale, Moon Echo, and La’Charger.

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